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Thank you so much to all who came to our parent teacher conferences this last month. We tried something  a bit different, and I have heard feedback from some of you, but I would love to get feedback. If you would like me to know how you liked/disliked the way conferences were structured this time around, please email me at

Also, a HUGE thanks to all the parents who donated food and time for the teacher dinner during conferences. It was delicious and feed our bodies and souls. You all are so good to us!

An important issue has come up as we’ve tried to communicate crucial matters with families. As parents, please make sure that your information (phone number and address) is current at all times at the school. In an emergency or in the event of school closures, we use the information in the computer to make you aware. We want your children to be safe and be able to keep you informed.

Thank you so much for all you support and kindness. I love working at Timpanogos! I love working with you and your children!

Carrie Rawlins