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Last modified: January 10, 2019

What is Title I?

What is Title 1

A federal allocation of funds for schools classified as low income to assist students to demonstrate proficiency related on the stateʼs academic standards. Title1 is a funding source, not a program

What are the purposes of Title 1?

How did my childʼs school become a Title 1 school?

  1. Basedonthepercentoflow income children in the school. which is identified by the free/ reduced price lunch application.
  2. All of Provoʼs Title1 schools are “school wide” schools
    1. School wide mission and goals are established.
    2. At least 40% poverty
    3. All students, regardless of income are served with Title1 funds.

How are Title1 funds used in Provo District?

  1. Personnel,(primarilyinstructional assistants)
  2. Supplies
  3. Extendedday/yearprograms
  4. Preschool
  5. Equipment

Improving Student Achievement

  1. TItle1schoolsmustimplement research-based instructional strategies and programs
  2. Teachersandinstructionalassistants must be highly qualified
  3. Instructionalassistantsmustwork under the direct supervision of a highly qualified teacher
  4. Targetedinterventionsaregivento students who need additional instructional help
  5. Eachschoolmustreviewitsprogress annually.

Parent Involvement

  1. Parentrighttoknowrequirement- qualifications of your childʼs teacher such as degree and major, licenses and certifications
  2. Schoolseeksparentinput:
    1. a)intothe planning and implementation of parent involvement activities
    2. b) into the development of school plan
    3. c) into the development of school -parent compact and parent involvement policy
  3. Parentaccesstoassessmentandevaluation data
  4. Descriptionofthecurriculaandinterventions used in the school
  5. DistrictParentInvolvementPolicy
  6. Parentsmayaskformeetingstomake suggestions about the education of their children Annual Title1-A Information for Parents