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We have loved seeing so many of you in the school these past few weeks. We had a wonderful art night coordinated by our art teachers. We saw so many of you having a great time with your children. We have such creative students!

We also appreciate meeting with you for our Student Educator and Parent (SEP) conferences. It was wonderful to celebrate the growth of your children with their teachers. Your children work so hard in their classes and taking that time to pause for celebration is so important. Thank you for meeting with us!

On March 14th, we have another family night planned. This time it will be coordinated by our music teachers. There are many activities planned to encourage creativity through music. We encourage you to come and have some fun with us.

We are excited to introduce a new way that you as parents can get involved in the school. Every Friday, starting March 1st from 8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m., we will hold a volunteer open house. This is a time when you can come and check in at the office and be assigned to go and read with students of all grades. This will really help our students to be able to practice their reading with an adult. We need parents that speak Spanish as well. If you speak Spanish we will have you read with students who need to practice reading in Spanish. You don’t need to come every Friday—but we would love to have you come when you can!

Parents, thank you for your continued support of your children’s education. We couldn’t do our job without you!

Thank you,

Carrie Rawlins