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Last modified: March 11, 2020

Miss Peterson – Welcome to First Grade

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Language Arts

February 24th-28th

March 2nd-6th

March 9th-13th

March 16th-20th

Helpful Hints To Practice Reading At Home


February 3rd- 25th

February 26th – March 11th

Helpful Hints To Practice Math At Home

HOME is where the MATH is.

Explore math in everyday life — counting out forks to set the table, pouring from a gallon of milk, telling the time when his favorite TV program begins. When kids realize that math is all around them, they begin to relax and see its meaning in their lives.

Encourage your child to explain his problem-solving process so you can understand his reasoning.

Incorporate games involving numbers and math into playtime — from flash cards for learning basic math facts to board games involving money, time, and logic.