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Yesterday, our first graders embarked on an unforgettable adventure to the Museum of Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. As they stepped into this wonderland of knowledge and creativity, their eyes widened with awe and excitement. The museum offered a plethora of interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, tailored to engage young minds and spark their curiosity. From the interactive science lab where they conducted colorful experiments to the outdoor garden, every corner was a new discovery waiting to happen. The little explorers were captivated by the live demonstrations, fascinating artifacts, and the chance to engage with various scientific concepts in a fun and accessible way. Their joyful laughter and eager questions filled the air, making this field trip a memorable and enriching experience for our budding scholars.

At the Museum of Curiosity, our first graders got to immerse themselves in a world of exploration and learning. From building architectural marvels with blocks to unraveling the mysteries of the natural world in the outdoor garden, there was something for every young adventurer. The little ones were fascinated by the interactive displays that encouraged them to use their imaginations, and they particularly enjoyed the simulated space adventure, igniting their dreams of becoming astronauts. The museum’s staff was exceptional, engaging the children with captivating stories and fascinating facts that made the learning experience even more enjoyable. As they headed back to school, their faces glowed with excitement, filled with newfound knowledge and a thirst for more adventures in the world of curiosity.


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