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🐅 Timpanogos Tiger News 🐅

Hey there, Timpanogos families and friends! 🌟 Let’s catch up on all the amazing things our students have been up to this week:

📚 Mrs. Rios’s fifth graders have been rocking the stage with their excellent presentations on trading, exporting, and diving deep into Native American history. 🌍📜 It’s impressive to see these young minds engaged and sharing their knowledge!

🚴‍♂️ Calling all bike enthusiasts! Our 4th graders have been gearing up for some exciting adventures. They’re learning all about bike safety, and we can’t wait to see them rolling through the neighborhood. Stay tuned for a future post filled with bike-riding joy!

🔢 Mrs. Ames’ third graders have taken the first steps into the world of multiplication by creating arrays. 🌼🧮 We’re excited to watch their mathematical skills bloom as they explore this new concept.

☀️ And speaking of excitement, recess has been an absolute blast for everyone! Laughter, games, and cherished moments of connection with friends have been filling our days with joy. 🤗❤️

Stay tuned for more updates and glimpses into the incredible journey of our Timpanogos Tigers. Let’s keep the positive vibes and learning spirit alive! 📖🎉 #TimpanogosTigers #LearningAdventures #ConnectAndThrive


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