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Hey there, amazing students and dedicated parents of Timpanogos Elementary! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you today that will surely put a smile on your faces. Principal Rawlins is taking a leap into the world of social media, and she wants YOU to join her on this incredible journey.

Why Follow Principal Rawlins on Instagram?

Miss Rawlins has always been a strong advocate for fostering a close-knit school community. Now, she’s taking it to the next level by inviting all of you to follow her official Instagram account, @Principal_Rawlins. Here’s why you should hit that follow button:

  1. Insightful Updates: Get a sneak peek into the daily life of our beloved principal. From school events to fun behind-the-scenes moments, you’ll be in the loop.
  2. Direct Communication: Stay informed about important school announcements, upcoming events, and initiatives straight from Miss Rawlins herself.
  3. Inspirational Content: Miss Rawlins will be sharing motivational quotes, educational tips, and success stories that will inspire and uplift both students and parents.
  4. The Sweetest Incentive: Ice Cream for Everyone!

Now, here’s the cherry on top (or rather, the scoop of ice cream). If we can gather 1,000 followers on @Principal_Rawlins by May, Miss Rawlins has promised to treat the entire school to a delightful ice cream party!

How Can You Help?

It’s super easy to join the fun and help us reach that magical 1,000 followers mark:

  1. Follow @Principal_Rawlins on Instagram: Click the “Follow” button to stay connected and receive all the latest updates.
  2. Spread the Word: Tell your friends, family, and fellow schoolmates about this exciting opportunity. Encourage them to follow Miss Rawlins too!
  3. Engage: Like, comment, and share Miss Rawlins’ posts to show your support and enthusiasm.
  4. Use #PrincipalRawlinsIceCream: Share your excitement on your own social media accounts using this hashtag. Let’s make some noise!

Let’s come together as a school community and help us achieve this sweet goal! Follow @Principal_Rawlins today, and let’s make that 1,000 follower count a reality. When we reach our target, the whole school will celebrate with a delicious ice cream party courtesy of our amazing principal.

Stay tuned for more updates, inspiring content, and the countdown to our ice cream extravaganza!


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