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Timpanogos Elementary School

At Timpanogos Elementary School, we believe in nurturing not just the academic growth of our students but also their character development. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to our “Tiger of the Month” program, where we shine a spotlight on exceptional students who embody the core values of our school. This month, we are proud to recognize a group of outstanding students who have demonstrated exceptional qualities such as being a good friend, following the “Tigers Give Me Five” principles (be safe, responsible, a problem solver, be kind, be respectful), and making significant progress in their reading and/or math skills.

Being a Tiger of the Month is not just about excelling academically; it’s about being a well-rounded and compassionate individual. These students have exemplified what it means to be a good friend by showing kindness, respect, and empathy towards their peers. They have also consistently adhered to the “Tigers Give Me Five” principles, contributing to a positive and inclusive school environment. Additionally, their dedication and progress in reading and math are a testament to their hard work and commitment to their education. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and positive impact on our school community.

We congratulate our Tigers of the Month for their exceptional qualities and achievements. Their positive attitude, kindness, and commitment to both their academics and friendships are truly inspiring. Timpanogos Elementary School is fortunate to have such outstanding students who embody the spirit of our school’s values. We encourage all our students to follow in their footsteps and continue to make our school a place where every student can thrive academically and socially. Keep up the fantastic work, Tigers!


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