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We want to thank you for such a successful start to the new school year. It is always such a treat to welcome your children back to Timpanogos. We want them to be successful, happy and safe. We value your trust in us to help them succeed in school and in life. With you as part of our team, I know they will succeed.

At the beginning of the school year I would like to ask your help in reinforcing a few things in your home as we look to the new year.

First, we have five values that we try to teach and model to your children. We would love for you to talk about these at home. They are:

1. Be Kind—we want all of our children to know that our world will be a better place for everyone if kindness prevails. 2. Be Respectful—this means treating everyone like you would like to be treated in word and deed. It means taking care of our school. We want our school to look beautiful. 3. Be Safe—this means thinking before we do things and asking ourselves, “Will this hurt me or someone else?”. 4. Be A Problem Solver—this means that our students are empowered if they encounter a problem to think through possible solutions and take the best action. 5. Be Responsible—this means that we think before we act. This also means that when we make mistakes we are accountable for what we do and learn from our mistakes. We apologize when we make a mistake.

I know that if we work on these values at school and home our community will be a better place for our families and children.

Second, yesterday your child(ren) brought home a bright orange piece of paper with a reading bingo game. Our focus this year is reading for fun. We want all our students to love to read. If your child is able to complete all 16 squares in one month they will earn a t-shirt that the teachers also wear. Your child will have a chance to earn this shirt each month. We want every student to have a “Tigers love to READ” t-shirt as soon as possible. The months after your child earns a t-shirt they can earn a king size candy bar to bring home.

You as parents just need to initial each square as it is completed and turn in the orange paper to your child’s teacher or the office.

Once again, thank you so much for all your support. We love your children! We love working with you! I know this will be the best year yet at Timpanogos.

Carrie Rawlins


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