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I hope that each of you were able to enjoy some time together with family and friends over the holidays. As much as I love a break, it is great to get back to school and see the smiles on your kids’ faces. We, as teachers and staff, really do miss them over breaks!

It is unbelievable that we are halfway through the school year. We are excited for the second half and have many great things planned for your children and for your families. Please check the school web page and Facebook page frequently for updates on all the activities going on.

With many students getting new electronic devices for gifts over the break, here is a review of the electronic device policy:

Our first priority is student safety. To ensure that students do not access or show other students inappropriate material that can be accessed from electronic devices, we have a policy that students are not allowed to use cell phones, tablets, electronic gaming systems, etc., during school hours. This policy is also in place so that students will not be distracted from learning.

We recognize the need of some students to have a phone with them to contact parents on their way to and from school. Students may have these devices with them for that purpose. These devices need to be turned off and stored in their backpack while at school. If a student has their device out at school, it will be taken away from them and will be given back at the end of the day to the student. The second time this happens, the teacher will call the parents and they will need to come and get the device from the teacher. The third time it happens, the device will be given to the Principal and that student will need to have a Parent/Student/Admin conference to review policy and give the device back.

The same rules above apply if a student has a smart watch that allows for calls, except that the student may wear the watch and use it only as a watch during school hours. The student/parent is welcome to use the watch for contact before or after school hours. During school hours, students and parents are asked to use the school phones for any calls. If you have questions, you are welcome contact the office. Timpanogos is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen electronic devices that are brought to school.

Also, please make sure that your children dress in warm clothes for the cold weather. If it is at least 25°F, the students will be going outside for recess. It is good for the students to have some opportunities each day to get some fresh air and get their energy out playing.

Parents, thank you so much for all you do for our school, students and staff. We appreciate you. We love working together with you to help your children succeed. Have a wonderful January!

Carrie Rawlins


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