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Timpanogos Elementary School

Last modified: December 1, 2023

Jolin Cook

Spring Sketch Ideas

  • Make your own chalk art festival
  • paint flowers
  • Draw an underground view of an ant hill.
  • Draw your own mandala
  • Design your own city
  • sketch a landmark
  • sketch somebody playing a sport
  • Draw your pet
  • Get ideas by visiting an art museum
  • Check a book out of the library for more ideas
  • Draw an emotion
  • How would you depict the wind?
  • Draw your own anime or cartoon
  • Design your dream bedroom or house
  • Draw a summer bucket list of what you want to do when school is out.

Winter Projects on Display!

Come check out some of the art projects the students have been working on this winter.

We have Picasso style portraits, Valentines Day art, Chinese Dragons and Friendly Frogs!

They are displayed in the main corridor across from the office.

 All the pretty pictures you’ll see.

Visit some of our Local art museums and get to know some of our local artists and some fantastic art from very far away.


in or around provo

 How to  and informational Websites

“A line is a dot that went for a walk”