Mr. Price, one of our great 2nd grade teachers, received the following email to his class. Have you looked at the class webpages? There are some great resources there!

Good afternoon Mr. Price, My name is LouAnne Taylor, I run a Young Librarians club for 6th – 8th graders and we wanted to let you know how helpful your class webpage has been! The kids have been helping me go through my bookmarks for younger students and updating them for the new year, and I guess while they were looking up new math resources they came across your class page. We found so many great games and pages because of your math links (we loved the site) and we thought we’d let you know we appreciate it  🙂 It was actually one of the girls in my group, Madyson, who had the idea. She’s really gifted at math, which she says is her favorite subject. She also suggested we could say thank you by sharing some other good math links with you… Mady’s suggestions-…/math-and-money-fun-students

Thanks again, I appreciate it. Have a good day and hope to hear from you soon!

Best, Mrs. Taylor and Madyson M.